The Start of Something Great

For years there has been a need for me to expand my wedding business.  I'm not sure why I fought against it and tried to do everything myself.  Over the last year I have done some serious personal growth and I realized that I don't have to do it all.  I can, in fact, hand off some of the responsibility and grow as a result.  

At first I battled with the idea of giving up because I was overworked and overwhelmed.  But I couldn't just walk away from weddings and the business/relationships I had built.  After lots of prayers and encouragement from those closest to me, a new company emerged.


I am so excited to announce "The Pretty Bride Co."- a collection of hair and makeup artists.

With more artists + stylists working alongside me, I will be able to take on more but share the load with them.  We even have a coordinator that will be handling all of our emails and scheduling. I cannot tell you how excited and relieved I feel.  I truly feel like this is the direction I should have taken a long time ago and that my prayers have been answered.  Every year seems to get better, and I really cannot wait to see what we accomplish as we continue to grow. 

We have a few dates left for 2018 and are filling up fast for 2019 so if you're getting married or know someone that is please fill out the contact form on our site!